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2016-03-06 14:25:29 by Maxamillion16

I've been on the site for a year now.

Been a while

2016-02-18 17:12:32 by Maxamillion16

Its been a while since I hopped on this. 

I completely forgot about the site because of life and family.

I'm hoping to have a few pieces up by the weekend. 

Getting back into painting.

2016-01-04 05:44:40 by Maxamillion16

Its been a long time since ive drawn or painted anything so im going to get back into it.

Been a while

2015-09-29 06:24:57 by Maxamillion16

It's been a while since I've posted anything. 

Will have something up later on today or  tomorrow. 

Monthly Voting

2015-09-01 14:25:08 by Maxamillion16

Got to do the monthly voting again =].


2015-08-30 04:08:38 by Maxamillion16

I don't understand some people.  When they need a helping hand I'll give them as much help that I can give them but when the time comes for them to give someone else a hand they completely just ignore you when all you really need was a friend to talk to.

Week Off

2015-08-24 04:21:03 by Maxamillion16

Got a week off work. Going to work on a few pieces of art I've to still get around to, and the game I'm still working on. 

Hopefully I'll have something to show use in a while.


2015-08-18 08:42:26 by Maxamillion16

Just something I'm drawing for my friends birthday.This is just a rough sketch.

Will draw it digitally later on.5316668_143990165482_DSC_0002.jpg


2015-08-17 14:56:05 by Maxamillion16

My latest piece of art.I still need to improve everywere.5316668_143983774723_old_train_station_13_by_fairiegoodmother.jpg

New job

2015-08-09 10:35:16 by Maxamillion16

I got a new job for over the weekends. 

It's just a painting job but it's better than nothing.